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 The SOS staffing tools were created as a unique staffing application. It was built to help management make more fair assignments and avoid overloading the staff members. This tool can also be utilized by the assigner or manager to the individual person performing the work to keep up with expected assignments. A note section for private notes is also a handy tool. No more loose papers to loose. It is all on your I-phone or I-pad. This staffing tool is so unique and easy to use that it may be utilized in almost any Industry. Examples include any department in the Healthcare field such as ancillary services, radiology, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, nursing, to transportation. There are benefits for any industry making assignments regarding specific tasks needing completion in an organized and quality assured protocol. This application is almost completely editable to meet your needs from the individual person to the person responsible for daily assignments. It will let you make assignments based on a point system derived from your categories selected. This point system can convert to color graphs to easily identify assignment status throughout the day. You can edit this information as the work assignments change or tasks are completed. There is an option for the individual or assigner to utilize a personalized phone directory as well as some additional very unique tools. The application now has an introductory price of only .99 cents, so get your SOS Staffing Optimized Solutions from the app store today. Please feel free to leave us feedback in I- tunes or join our forums when you have time.


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